Lighting as a service

Get Solutions offer customers Lighting as a Service retrofits, Energy Monitoring & Verification Software by utilizing a wireless sensor system. We offer a range of energy saving products delivering HVAC systems that can be fully funded, installed, and maintained for up to 5 years

The energy savings generated (up to 75%) will cover the costs of the turnkey project in most cases while outsourcing all End User Capex requirements as well as any ongoing maintenance, insurance and operational His 

Improve the ambiance of your surroundings with superior quality LED lighting technology. We will help you achieve savings of 60%-80% on your running costs, while also reducing your maintenance expenditure

Additional Benefits of LED Lighting

• Fewer lights needed 

Increase life span 

Reduction in carbon emissions 

No toxic elements 

Reduction in cost and time associated with compliant disposal

How does lighting as a service work?

We pay the upfront cost of the lighting product & installation, if opted for, we maintain the product and share the cost savings with the customer for a defined period. In almost all cases the savings generated by running LED lighting covers the bill & the cost of the product and retrofit.

Our financial partners, United Rentals Limited enables our energy technology products to be acquired by the customer on a “service agreement” basis, thereby eliminating any capital outlay to the customer. We install the product and meet the upfront cost of installation. United Rentals Limited enters into the bespoke service agreements with the customer, that allows the customer to apply the savings in electricity costs to pay for the system over the term of the service agreement. Depending on the type of energy product installed, net savings can be achieved from month one, thereby eliminating lengthy payback periods before savings benefits are received by the customer.

The benefits to customers

• Capital infrastructure with immediate energy savings and NO upfront capital costs.

• Tailor made payment structure to suit the customer’s monthly cash-flows.

• A complete practical solution - hardware, service and maintenance and monitoring. A one stop shop.

• Alternative utilisation of the customer’s cash reserves for working capital or business growth becomes available.

• Rent to Own - At expiry of the service agreement, the customer may acquire the asset for a nominal value.